Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pressure Test

At Scrapping Outback, as part of the My Scraproom Rules competition, we had a pressure test.  We were given 2 lists A and B from which to choose 1 number from each.  I chose 3 from A and 5 from B.
Each number in List A was assigned an embellishment and a technique in List B.

My numbers equalled brads/eyelets and doodling.

We then had to create a project, not necessarily a layout using these 2 as the dominant features.

I made a card - the doodling on the title was a technique learnt in Rachelle's class at SO's Chipboard High School way back in 2009.

No need to comment, lol.

Ok, best hit the shower for work - check you later

Deb xox

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  1. The brad flower is so pretty! I stopped by your blog to let you know you won a prize pack from me from the Best Creation Blog Hop in May. congrats! If you could email me with your name/address I'll get it out to you soon :)
    harjandkarenathotmaildotcom. (change the at to @ and the dot to .)


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