Monday, May 2, 2011

New competition

Have you seen this:

Here you will find all the detailed information that you will need to know to participate in our competition. This is THE place to ask any questions Very Happy

The format:
* My Scraproom Rules is a scrapping competition based on cooking reality TV shows.
* This competition will run for 6 weeks starting on the 16th of May
* Each week one of the DT members will set you a challenge to complete.
* Challenges will be set on Mondays and will be due in the gallery by midnight on the following Sunday night.
* There will be no eliminations in this competition. Winners will be determined by a progressive score count (See scoring below).

* Scoring is done by both participants and the Design Team.
* Each week you will be asked to score every other layout out of 10 according to a set criteria. All participant scores for each person will then be averaged to give a weekly participant score. The DT will also each score out of 10. These scores will be added to the participant score to create an overall score out of 50.
* Any participants who do not submit their scores will risk losing their own scores for that week.
* Scores will NOT be posted publically. Only weekly standings will be published. (We wont be giving out scores at all, so please refrain from asking or PMing).
* Prizes may be given for weekly placings.
* The overall winners will be determined by a progressive score across the 6 weeks.
* Bonus points may be granted through out the competition at the discretion of the Design Team. This may include additional challenges, masterclass participation, etc..

* A MSR product kit will be available for you to purchase for use throughout the competition. This is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended.
* Random kits may include additional incentives such a s surprise points, challenge fast forward passes (advance notice of a challenge), etc.
* Supplies for the challenges are not restricted to these kits. Each challenge will outline the requirements for supplies.

* We are inviting some awesome guest teachers to teach MSR online Masterclasses. Participation is optional, but strongly recommended.

* MONDAYS: The host DT member will announce their challenge, and will initiate a chat thread for the week. This is the place to ask questions, or just chat.
* WEDNESDAYS: All participants must submit their scores for the previous week to Trudi by PM by midnight.
* THURSDAYS: Weekly placings and cumulative placings will be posted.
* FRIDAYS (Alternate) Masterclass.
* SUNDAY: All challenge entries due int he correct section of the gallery by midnight..

Wow, the fabulous gals at Scrapping Outback have done it again and produced another wowser of a competition. Lets see if I can complete this one? I'm game, are you?

Deb xox

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