Saturday, September 29, 2018

Its been a very long time....

I am so sorry my friends, but life has gotten in the way of sharing my creations with you.  I have been struggling to meet my deadlines without then making sure I schedule my blog as well :(

So here goes a long post:

August 15 - Lets Get Sketchy

August 16 - Scrap Plezier

August 22 - Sketches in Thyme

September 1 - Lets Get Sketchy

September 6 - Scrap Plezier

September 10 - Scrap Plezier

September 15 - Lets Get Sketchy

September 16 - Scrap Plezier

September 22 - Sketches in Thyme

September 27 - Scrap Plezier

I cant make any promises, but I will at least try to post on time in October and beyond.

Thanks so much for stopping by

Deb xx

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