Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More SBT50 Cyber Crop Challenges

Vicki's Catch Phrase Challenge!

This is a nice easy challenge to get you in the game show mood. You need to select ONE of the following 6 popular game show catch phrases, and scrap a layout using the corresponding criteria (listed below the phrase)! 

1. "Come on down!" - The price is right - 
Use vertical movement on your page or an upside down element

2. "I'd like to buy a vowel" - Wheel of fortune
Your layout must have a single word title with only one vowel in it

3. "I'd like to phone a friend"- Who wants to be a millionaire
Your layout must include a photo of 2 or more "friends"

4. Is that your final answer?- Who wants to be a millionaire
Your layout must a include a title in a question form. Eg She is stylish? 

5 . "No Deal!" -Deal or no Deal
Your title cannot include any of the letter in the words "NO DEAL" 

6. You are the weakest link! Goodbye!- The weakest link
You must include a item on your layout that has a chain or links in it. Or a matching pair of embellishments

Here is my example - i have used a picture of 2 'friends', my best friend, my hubby, and myself! Smile

All entries must be loaded to the correct gallery by midnight Sunday the 28th of April.

The winner of this challenge will receive some awesome goodies from Charm at Charm's Creations

 Vicki's Deal or No Deal challenge

My challenge for you all this crop is 'Deal or NO Deal'!! Sounds like fun doesn't it! Smile
This one works much like Sarah's Wheel of fortune, in that you get to pick your own criteria! Smile You need to select 3 cases, numbered from 1 to 26, and write them in a post here. You will then be pm'd with your criteria. This is where the fun begins, once you have been pm'd your chosen criteria, you can either go ahead and create your layout, or if you don't like the criteria, you can say 'NO DEAL' and we will use random.org to select a new criteria for you! Smile The catch is though, that you must then use the criteria you have been given! Will you Deal or No Deal!!??

Here is my example layout, i used random.org to get my criteria (but i'm not telling you what i got, or you might try cheat!Razz )

Entries for this challenge must be uploaded into the correct folder in the gallery before Midnight (SA time) Sunday April 28th

The winner of this challenge will get some yummy goodies from Burdy's Handmade Embellies

Ok, so get about these challenges - I am

Deb ♥

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