Friday, June 1, 2012

Wow Ladies, you must get about these:


Hi Everyone, well here we go again with another round of ScrapBursts.  Yes, we have prizes up for grabs and some interesting challenges to get that mojo bursting.  All ScrapBursts will run throughout June, with winners being announced on July 2nd.  I am giving you ALL the challenges up front so that you can choose which ones you want to do first, although all are due by June 30th - same Pumpkin Time!

Ok, after each ScrapBurst Challenge below you will be given the criteria.  You must stick to this criteria to be eligible for a prize. There must be a minimum of 4 entries in each challenge before a prize will be given.  For all the challenges you can choose to use any of the following Techniques in addition to the individual criteria: inking, painting, misting, stamping, sewing and distressing

Kits, yes that's right, Kits!  Not compulsory, but an added option for you. 
The Kits will include value added products to let you complete your challenge without the hassle of searching for products.
If you purchase a Kit, you can only use WHAT IS IN THE KIT, plus your allowed Techniques as listed above.
IF you choose to purchase a ScrapBurst Kit for either of the 4 ScrapBurst Challenges and you WIN that ScrapBurst Challenge, you will win back a prize voucher to the value of your purchased Kit (with proof of purchase..), PLUS the ScrapBurst Prize!  Either way you win, BUT if you purchase a Kit you win DOUBLE!!  Give it some thought....... as there will only be a limited number of Kits available in each ScrapBurst Challenge.

Your layout can only include a combination of Kraft and 2 other Colours. Mix and Match to get them right, but only using these elements.  You may use your chosen techniques BUT in these colours (where applicable)!

Your layout must include a length of Bunting and a Tree.
The Bunting can be any shape or style, but you MUST use MORE than 3.
The Tree can be in the paper, a stamp, screen, chip shape or other - but you MUST have BOTH on the layout.
This layout is to be Rustic & Raw, including 3 Handmade Items.
Earthy, Rustic tones, Raw products and a mix of 3 Handmade Items on the page.  These items can be of your choosing, but must be a legitimate handmade item.
You must included this WORD in the Title, or a derivative of this word.
(ie: Eye, Blue Eyes, Big Eyesore, Eyeballing, Eye of the Storm...etc.... hope this helps!)
Your layout must also reflect the theme of the Title.

There you have it people, 4 more ScrapBursts to keep you challenged and inspired.  We hope you have fun with these and look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Stay tuned for our Creative Team ScrapBursts as well!

June Monthly Pack
Here we go, the start of another Monthly Pack, and half way through 2012 to boot!  For June we have a beautiful range from BoBunny, called Little Miss.  It has beautiful hues, subtle masking, spots, stripes and something a little picturesque.  Now you must be intrigued?  I am putting this together with some lovely little extras to finish it off.  Have a look at the pack, then wander on down below to see what's in it.
June Monthly Pack - Little Miss by BoBunny
 6 x 12x12 DS patterned papers
1 x half 12x12 DS diecuts
2 x white cardstock
1 x MHC large white paper flower
1 x MHC medium coloured paper flower
1 x pink Adorn It alpah stickers
1 x 12" strip of sticky bling
1 x 12" length of white flower lace trim
1 x pink string of pearls
1 x raw picket fence
2 x MS white paper doilies
You may use any of your own large alphas to add to the layout, IF you choose.

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